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Think Like the Great Investors

  10/02/2012       mopkva      0 Comments

by Colin Nicholson

Category: Technical

  • Type: Paperback
  • Pages: 252 pages
  • ISBN: none
  • ASIN: 9781118587140
  • Edition Language: English

Achieve a new level of investing and trading success by defeating your worst enemy--yourselfSuccessful trading relies on three vital skills: market analysis, money management, and decision-making. The first two are straightforward skills anyone can learn, but the third is much more difficult. Your ability to make the right decisions isnt based on hard facts, but psychological realities like your own temperament, your own biases, and the biases of other traders. In essence, you can only master the stock market when you master yourself first, and that starts with making the right decisions habitually. Think Like the Great Investors is organised into four distinct parts that show you how to understand your own temperament, the psychology of the market as a whole, your own biases and decision-making errors, and how to practically apply your understanding of these factors into your decision-making system.Written by highly respected investment teacher, speaker, and writer Colin NicholsonIdeal for both inexperienced traders who want to lower their risk as well as experienced traders who lack that one final piece in the traders skillsetFor anyone looking for that final piece of the investing puzzle, the answer is right here. With Think Like the Great Investors, youll leap beyond the final hurdle to super-successful investing . . . yourself.



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