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Christ Our Healer

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by Peter Smythe

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Christ Our Healer
Peter Smythe
  • Type: Paperback
  • Pages: 180 pages
  • ISBN: none
  • ASIN: 9780983003328
  • Edition Language: English

Isaiah, the prophet, was shown the spiritual side of the crucifixion and saw that Jesus not only bore our sins, he bore our sicknesses, too. This is the first book to come out in years that deals directly with the subjects of the origin of sickness and disease and its eradication by the finished work of Christ. The book is structured to give the believer a thorough understanding of healing and the foundation to pray the prayer of faith.What gave you the impetus to write a book on healing?Ive got most, if not all, of the best Pentecostal books on healing on my bookshelf: Bosworths Christ the Healer; McCrossans Bodily Healing in the Atonement; Prices The Sick Are Healed; and many more. I noticed that they were all written more than fifty years ago, and no one had looked at the healing scriptures afresh. The subject matter needed a modern voice.How would you say that your book is different from any of those you mentioned?One difference that comes immediately to mind is structure. Most of the books I mentioned are more or less compilations of sermons so they tend to overlap. In Bosworths book, for instance, Bosworth has several chapters that cover the same scriptures. The material is good, but its just that some of it is redundant.What kind of challenges did you face writing the book?A big challenge was to keep it to a hundred pages or so. Take the woman with the issue of blood in Mark 5, I could write a book of fifty pages or more just on the nuances of her healing. I wanted to keep the book to a hundred pages or less because, well, I didnt want it to be a seminary textbook.The book is only available as an ebook? What is that?Ebooks are the future of publishing. Amazon just announced that it sells more ebooks than it does paperbacks. The ebook format is not only convenient for readers, it allows indie writers like myself to get their work out. I dont know that Ill ever need or even want to publish a paperback.Abbreviated Table of Contents: The Divine Word Origins of Sickness and Disease Gods Method of Healing is Spiritual The Old Testament Distributions Jesus Anointing Aspects of the Power He Bore Our Diseases The Apostles Seated with Christ The Churchs Commission to Heal The Need for Faith The Faith That Takes Questions About Healing

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