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Prepared to Submit

  10/02/2012       Kovarniy      0 Comments

by David Jewell

Category: Database Storage

  • Type: Paperback
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  • Edition Language: English

Alicia, a bartender near the University of Minnesota, never dreamed that her life would be turned upside down when she accepted an invitation to dinner from Tony Jablinksi. She knew he was married and rich. What could go wrong? Soon, she did learn that Tony and his wife Collette were into the alternative lifestyle of bondage. Tony and Collette enjoyed teaching Alicia about her new life of submission in no uncertain terms. They had a goal in mind and a future planned for her that was far different than anything she could have imagined, one that shocked her to the very core of her being, But one which turned her on as well, because she discovered that rather than hating bondage, she responded to it and was prepared to submit.Erotica. 50614 words long.

Database Storage


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