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La colère de la momie(Goosebumps #23)

  10/02/2012       xedilsonx      0 Comments

by R.L. Stine

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  • Type: Paperback
  • Pages: 140 pages
  • ISBN: none
  • ASIN: 9782227729315
  • Edition Language: English

I liked this book. Were back in Egypt with Gabe and Sari, some of the few non-white protagonists in the Goosebumps series. Sari is still an obnoxious little brat, and turning 13 has made Gabe into something of a flirt. He flirts with two adult women in this book: the flight stewardess and Nila!Once again, Sari and Gabe are spending the summer with Saris father, Ben. He is a renowned archeologist. They are just about to open the tomb of Khor-Ru, who was King Tuts cousin, or something.One bad sign is that The Summoner, the tiny but real mummy hand that Gabe owns, has gone cold. And thats strange because it is always warm like a human hand.Gabe also gets some new swag in this book: an necklace with a 4,000-year-old beetle in amber. So cool!Nila, a hot young reporter, has an amber necklace too - but its just empty.Dr. Fielding is Bens partner - but Ben doesnt trust him and they get in fights all the time.Theres an ancient chant on the door that seals the tomb. Its said that if you repeat the ancient Egyptian chant 5 times, the mummy will come back to life!...I thought this book was fast-paced and interesting. Even though I despise the Sari character, at least I have feelings about her, which means she isnt bland. I like being in the exotic location of Egypt, and in the middle of an archeological dig. Ive always liked the idea of mummies coming back to life and magical Egyptian talismans.(view spoiler)[ Nila is a 4,000-year-old Egyptian princess who turns into a scarab at night and sleeps in her empty amber necklace. She raises the mummy so that they can rule Egypt once more. But the mummy just wants to sleep. Gabe breaks her necklace, and she is turned into a scarab permanently. (hide spoiler)]

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