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Ride on Morning Star

  10/02/2012       TruePP      0 Comments

by Tiffany Fulton

Category: Communication & Journalism

  • Type: Paperback
  • Pages: 29 pages
  • ISBN: none
  • ASIN: B0095VL0Z4
  • Edition Language: English

How do you live in Heaven when the people who you call family are the ones you should be running away from? 18 year old Katherine lives in Heaven, but she feels no love in this Paradise. One night when her stepfather’s drunken attempt to molest her fails, Katherine runs away—only to wind up in the arms of Austin, the current leader of the country’s most feared motorcycle gang of thieves known as Morning Star. He has been Katherine’s target of burning admiration and lust for some time now—And if the most important people in her life won’t give her what she needs, maybe he will.Austin has been cleaning up Morning Stars reputation for a few years, but he may need to take a nice hot shower once hes met Katherine, who is unlike the women in the slums. Her sarcastic innocence fascinates him to no end--and he is determined to hold on to her...But to do that, hes got to open much more than her body--he must awaken her heart.Ages 18 and upSome mild sexual content and languageShort Story Word Count: 9,359 words***Other Stories:Soldier Evolution Revolutionary GirlCrushed FlowersLovely DeliriumDivine JesterDaylight Dreams: A Poetry Collection

Communication & Journalism


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