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The Kitchen Baby: A Dramatic Account of How Dad Had to Deliver Mums 5th Baby

  10/02/2012       sandersqn6      0 Comments

by Angus Kennedy

Category: Astrophysics

  • Type: Paperback
  • Pages: 200 pages
  • ISBN: none
  • ASIN: 9780957532908
  • Edition Language: English

The Kitchen BabyThe Kitchen Baby begins with a live account of how author Angus Kennedy raced to his wifes aid when she unexpectedly went into labor with their fifth child in the middle of the night, forcing Angus to deliver the baby himself, with no medical assistance or even a midwife. In what has been called one of the UKs most moving childbirth stories, the author narrates the dramatic birthing scene, detailing the premature birth on the kitchen floor and the newborn babys struggle for life against the umbilical cord wrapped tight around its neck.An Unique InsightThe Kitchen Baby presents a rare, through-the-mans-eyes look into pregnancy, childbirth and parenting. Angus shares his experiences as he and his wife struggled to conceive, navigated the maze of doctors who said she would never become pregnant and the lessons learned along the way. An unique, personal insight into the feelings and emotions of men as they support their mother-to-be through conception, childbirth and beyond!A Spiritual MessageMore than just a dramatic childbirth story, The Kitchen Baby is a highly-informative book, packed with lessons and heartwarming stories of pregnancy and parenting. In turns both humorous and cynical, it delivers a deeply-spiritual, philosophical message about both the joys and challenges of bringing a child into the world. The authors writes from his experience, having fathered and raised many children, how babies plan for their parents, rather than the parents planning for the baby, and how this has shaped his approach to raising children.Perhaps most important, Angus tells of how becoming a father and learning to be a parent has guided his natural progression toward becoming a real man--one at harmony with a woman!



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