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Mörkret faller(The X-Files: Middle Grade #2)

  10/02/2012       Michania      0 Comments

by Les Martin

Category: Arts

  • Type: Paperback
  • Pages: 107 pages
  • ISBN: none
  • ASIN: none
  • Edition Language: English

“When you mess with nature, justice turns blind. And everybody gets punished.” —– MulderAlthough it is not found anywhere in the broadcast episode, I particularly enjoyed this line from Mulder as I was re-reading this novelization of “Darkness Falls”. Agents Mulder and Scully travel to Washington state to investigate the strange disappearance of a team of loggers working deep in the Olympic National Forest. Initially suspecting eco-terrorism, the agents soon find themselves trapped by a seemingly ancient menace lurking in the dense woodland. While the killer-bug idea is nothing new, the plot of this story is enjoyable, nonetheless. Topping in at just over a hundred-pages, this book is written for a juvenile audience. Like all the other X-Files novel adaptations, much of the more scientific dialogue is reduced or carefully expounded to make more sense to younger readers.This book contains a lot of additional dialogue not found in the episode, some especially interesting exchanges between the supporting cast—Larry Moore, Doug Spinney, and Steve Humphreys—that lends a great deal of dimension to their characters, who only appear in this installment. As an avid fan of the TV series, much of what I’ve enjoyed about re-reading these juvenile adaptations is the added scenes and dialogue that feels much like the bonus deleted scenes you’d find on a DVD. On the other hand, the story’s pacing is somewhat hampered by some this supplementary material, and occasionally the excess dialogue doesn’t ring true to what we know of the characters. If you remove all the added stuff from this book and it would’ve been at least ten pages shorter. Again, I’m not complaining, as most of the bonus material in this book complemented the rest of the story.Overall, Darkness Falls is a worthwhile read if you’re at all interested in the show and wanting to recapture the nostalgia of this series past in a different medium.



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