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The Summer I Wasnt Me

  10/02/2012       xDLaVaSsxD      0 Comments

by Jessica Verdi

Category: Academic

  • Type: Paperback
  • Pages: 342 pages
  • ISBN: none
  • ASIN: 9781402277887
  • Edition Language: English

On principle, I support books with LGBT content because theres just not enough of them. And for the first 2/3s of the book, I thought this book was a cute, if lightweight, take on figuring out your identity and standing up for yourself. A couple of really serious things happened in the last third of the book that threw everything off, though, and I couldnt get past such traumatic subjects being handled so easily and swiftly and simplistically. Its fine to take TV-style shortcuts with relationships and fun, but Im not a fan of putting in things like abusive behavior without dealing with the real, no-shit physical and emotional and legal consequences of that.I did like that you saw different reasons for characters being at the de-gaying camp, including Lexis (even if dream girl Carolyns reason seemed pretty specious), and Matthew brought some much-needed humor and personality. My favorite part of the book is when theyre all going around introducing themselves, and he says (paraphrasing here), Hi! Im Matthew, Im 16, and I dont need a governess! Sound of Music-style. None of the characters are really that well fleshed out, though, we only know the barest minimum of backstory about all of them, including the main character. But overall, I really wish that the subjects that were introduced towards the end had been handled better. Or maybe not even included at all, as they seemed to be tonally pretty out of place from everything else that had happened until that point. (view spoiler)[Im happy for Lexis happy ending, though. Which I probably didnt need to put into a spoiler, but whatever. (hide spoiler)]



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